If you feel like you have seen it all, then head to HARRISON'S.  It has the most unusual collection of fine jewelry on this side of the planet, the Caribbean.

A classic example is our "Merengue", the tropical Dominican dance that sets one's feet on fire. HARRISON'S developed the perfect ring to wear for Merengue dancing!  On a gleaming gold band you will find that the diamonds actually move within their setting. In fact, they move so much we had to call them "Merengue Diamonds"!

Happy Hour at the hotel bar is so popular that  HARRISON'S  designed the very successful HARRISON'S "Happy Hour" Collection.  This is the perfect ring to wear at Happy Hour in your hotel. Our idea of "Happy Hour" is a crazy 14k gold ring that  is a combination of two gold bands that actually turn themselves inside out to give you two completely different looks.  First its a diamond ring and suddenly it becomes a sapphire ring, or a ruby ring, or whatever you want it to be.  This ring is so popular that it has been badly copied by just about every jeweler on the island.  They may be cheaper but be sure to compare them to the original - the HARRISON'S "Happy Hour." We are the original designers of "Happy Hour." Watch us craft them at our workshop in HARRISON'S Plaza Isabela in Puerto Plata or HARRISON'S Higuey near Punta Cana.

HARRISON'S designs grace the fingers, necks, and ears of many well known people. 

Madonna, Patrick Swayze, Michael Jackson and even country presidents are but a few. But you don't have to be the leader of a nation to own a HARRISON'S original design and you don't need the income of a movie star to be able to afford one.  

By the way, Frommers Guide to the Caribbean thinks we're so good they dedicated an entire paragraph to us.  EuroCheques for the Dominican  Republic has nominated us "The Official Jeweler of the Dominican Republic"! Not bad, eh? We are open seven days a week.  Stop by and see why we are known as the "You have to see us!" jewelry store of the Caribbean.

I came to the Dominican Republic in 1976 and immediately fell in love with the Dominican amber.  I could not believe that I was making jewelry from petrified pine resin from prehistoric times! At first, I was designing for stores like Saks Fifth Avenue's flagship store in New York City and then for Lord and Taylors. Soon, I realized that I didn’t just love designing jewelry. I also loved meeting the people who would wear my designs.   

As a wholesaler I couldn’t have that experience. So in 1981 I opened my first store in Puerto Plata on the north coast of the Dominican Republic. It was so amazing to be able to meet people from all over the world and see them falling in love with my designs. Soon one store became two and then four and then one day I woke up to be told I was the finest jeweler in the Dominican Republic.

Over the years, Paula Abdul came to buy a gold and black coral bracelet for Madonna. I designed a pendent for Michael Jackson.  It was a silver coin from a 16th century ship wreck with a golden panther holding a Columbian emerald in its paws.   Patrick Swayze got a gold ring from me. Miles Davis’ widow visited my store as well as other movie stars and Presidents from various countries.

But the heart of HARRISON’S has always been for the tourists from around the world. Their hard work all year truly deserve a wonderful vacation at the Dominican Republic. They come to HARRISON’S because of our reputation for the unique and for the outstanding customer service. When they leave our stores they develop a personal relationship with the sales person who served them. The encouraging letters that they share speak of their HARRISON'S experience.